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CORONEO Inc., a Canadian company, conducts research, development, and product commercialization of medical devices for the field of Cardiac Surgery.  Since it's inception in 1997, the company has rapidly become a noteworthy provider of high quality medical devices that achieve cost-effective and less-invasive surgical procedures.



 CORONEO was founded by a team of aerospace engineers with extensive and complementary experience in research, design and product development of high-tech products.  The company's professional staff possesses management experience in research-intensive "Fortune 500" companies.  CORONEO fosters close working relationships with surgeons from renowned heart institutes, and is continually forging new alliances with medical experts and distinguished universities to complement its current medical expertise. 

One of CORONEO's approaches to product development has been the creation of a medical engineering "think-tank" that brings together the proven design experience of creative engineers with the medical expertise of prominent surgeons, and has immediately spawned novel surgical approaches and associated enabling technologies. 

CORONEO uses the "concurrent engineering" approach, in which cardiac surgeons work closely with design engineers during all stages of product development -- from problem statement and concept design to commercialization.  As a result, the company has quickly responded to the "real" needs of surgeons. 


CORONEO has implemented an ISO 13485:2003 certified quality management system that covers all aspects of product realization, from product research and development to product service.  The CORONEO quality management system is certified by the French notified body LNE/G-MED (0459) and also conforms to the requirements of European council directive 93/42/eec annex II.3 for all of its product lines. 

CORONEO has become a leader in the development of cardiac medical devices by continuously enhancing its product lines, leveraging its relationships with opinion leaders, safeguarding its proprietary position through patents, and forming strategic alliances to distribute and market its products in international markets.