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CORONEO Sternum retractorWe get by with a little help from our friends.  But when your friend has his hands full holding up basket retractors you may find yourself wishing for more friends...and your friend wishing he could be doing something else. 

Unless you recall with fondness the physical endurance excercises your high school phys-ed teachers tortured you with in your adolescence, you'll probably appreciate having a surgical platform that for the hour or so of surgery, can solidly support heart tissues and free a pair of hands to be put to use giving really needed surgical assistance.  The basic surgical platform used in the CORONEO Cor-Vasc and Cor-Valv systems is just the platform to provide you with a solid and versatile support for your surgical aids in Cardiac Surgery.

Antifriction rollersCORONEO products are design to address specific needs that have been long ignored by other instrument manufacturers.

About as annoying as a broken driver-side windshield wiper is a sternum retractor that doesn't close at the end of a surgery.  This annoying little irritant that plagues cardiac and thoracic surgeons daily is easily resolved by a patented CORONEO anti-friction track roller system mounted between the fixed and moveable side of the retractor.  The track rollers contribute to a smooth operation and eliminate the friction that causes retractors to seize when trying to close the sternum retractor.

Is suturing becoming like flying a kite in an arboretum?  That might be because of all the sticks you have to anchor in order to get your rod-mounted basket retractors where you want them.  CORONEO instruments allow great versatility in the practice.  The full perimeter rail and the universal clamping system gives you the liberty to attach anywhere on the sternum retractor so as to position your instruments anywhere within or around the surgical field, and in any orientation.

Titanium retractor? Why would I need my retractor to be made of titanium?  Surely, stainless (or even aluminium) would do?  As a matter of fact, in certain instances, stainless steel or aluminium simply won't do!  Long before we began designing surgical instruments we were pestered in aerospace engineering by an unappreciated characteristic of titanium that made extraordinarily difficult the disassembly of turbine engine components.  At fault was titanium's exceedingly high coefficient of friction.  It just so happens that that same characteristic is a God-send when designing clamp components for a surgical application.  Besides the obvoius corrosion resistance and biocompatibility of titanium, the inclusion of the matierial in strategic areas of the CORONEO instruments ensures that when you clamp something on a CORONEO platform it'll be solid

CORONEO engineers' considerate and safety conscious nature certainly hasn't forgotten those who ensure that the reusable platform can be cleaned and sterilized.  All components are easily washed and inspected to ensure a clean and autoclave sterilizable platform. Separable components are individually and permanently identified by part number and serial number for ease of traceability and tracking of inventory.  Each separable component can also be individually purchased to keep spares or to facilitate budget allocation for capital equipment. 

Tried and engineered since 1997, the COR-VASC and COR-VALV system platforms are mature and reliable, offering a long-lasting performance beyond comparison.