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CORONEO product may be purchased in Canada and the US by contacting CORONEO directly in Montreal.  You may purchase CORONEO products outside of Canada and the US by contacting any of our distributors listed in the Contact Us menu.

EXTRA-AORTIC annuloplasty

Extra Aortic annuloplasty ringIf Depeche Mode was being piped through the OR speakers while you were a resident you probably witnessed the adoption of a standardized method for mitral valve surgery, popularized by Dr Alain F. Carpentier.  Most would agree that the efforts to make mitral valve repair available to the cardiac surgeon population at large also made the treatment of mitral valve disease available to a patient population much larger than ever before.  Aortic annuloplasty has the possibility of doing to aortic valve repair today that which was done to mitral valve repair 20 to 30 years ago.

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COR-VALV system

Intercostal COR-VALV systemIf you're enslaved to retractor-mounted basket rakes and plate hooks you've probably already grumbled to yourself, if not to your staff, "I NEED TO SEE !!" 

If you're a surgeon, that statement probably sums up the No.1 pet peeve you may have with conventional basket and plate hook rakes. 

CORONEO's COR-VALV system (intercostal variant shown to the left) helps you get the best exposure for valve surgery.  COV-VALV offers a stable platform and an Atrial retractor that maximizes mitral valve exposure, all within your direct control for both sternotomy and intercostal approaches.  And we even have an Aortic retractor that mounts on the same platform.

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COR-VASC system

COR-VASC with ARTICULATED ARMIf you've been doing off-pump CABG with disposable instruments then you probably get the feeling that you're stealing from Peter Perfusion to pay Paul Stabilization.  Worse yet, you may also need to pick from Penny Mypocket.

CORONEO has been proving since 1997 that the "OP" in OPCAB doesn't need to mean Over-Priced.  The COR-VASC system is being used by surgeons who perform up to 98% of their CABG cases with this re-usable and durable platform.

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Swift Loop

Swift Loop with PledgetA lot has been written on the merits and shortcomings of a variety of methods of vessel occlusion during beating heart CABG.  The most notable methods use suture snares, silicone tapes, silicone tubes, pledgets with tapes or sutures, shunts, and CO2 blowers with and without humidifying mist.  The common theme seems to point towards not touching endothelium or pinching the artery too harshly in order to preserve its function.


CORONEO has arrived at a clever and simple solution that can help you suture distal anastomoses in a clear bloodless field while minimizing trauma to the coronary artery's endothelium.

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Universal Clamp

Universal Clamp 2nd GenIn its dozen years since its introduction, CORONEO's clamping system for surgical instruments has slowly evolved to become a very versatile and solid method of clamping surgical instruments to the CORONEO retractors.  The latest step in its evolution has merited it the title of Second Generation.  Although the change is only an evolutionary step, it responds to hospital staff demands to have fewer components to handle...

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