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COR-VASC with ARTICULATED ARMIf you've been doing off-pump CABG with disposable instruments then you probably get the feeling that you're stealing from Peter Perfusion to pay Paul Stabilization.  Worse yet, you may also need to pick from Penny Mypocket.

CORONEO has been proving since 1997 that the "OP" in OPCAB doesn't need to mean Over-Priced.  The COR-VASC system is being used by surgeons who perform up to 98% of their CABG cases with this re-usable and durable platform.

The COR-VASC system uses a combination of TITANIUM and high tensile strength stainless steel components in a manner that ensures a surgical set-up with uncompromised stability and long term reliability.

You can select from a choice of stabilizers mounted on an articulated arm, or a set of ergonomic territory-specific stabilizers to give you the optimum exposure of the target coronary artery.  You can safely steer the stabilizers to immobilize the target artery by manipulating the handle at the proximal end of the stabilizer, always while keeping the target artery within sight.

Stabilizer on coronary

You can also use any of your favorite methods of limiting the blood flow after the arteriotomy, whether it be with a a mist blower, a shunt, or with a Swift-Loop silicone elastomer band, the geometry of the stabilizer allows the unimpeded use of either.  Additionally, if you use the Swift-Loop, we provide discrete anchoring locations are provided on the stabilizer for your convenience.

Now, you might say, "I don't want those cleats for the Swift-Loop".  Well, we have a version without cleats that you can select from our comprehensive catalog.  If you do use the cleats to hold silastic tapes, we've designed them to optimally hold the CORONEO Swift-Loops, of which there are available versions with and without elastomeric pledgets.  PLEDGETS???  Just take a look at Swift-Loop under our Products menu.

Visitors to our booth at the various AATS and EACTS trade shows we usually exhibit often complement us on the quality of design of the platform, stating that it looks like a surgeon designed it.  As a matter of fact, the platform was design with the constructive criticism of numerous cardiac surgeons, the most influential of which was Dr Raymond CARTIER of the Montreal Heart Institute.  Dr Cartier's critical input gave birth to a surgical platform that is as versatile and practical as it is durable.

Sternum Retractor featuresVERSATILITY 

Proof of its versatility is in the fact that it can also be used as the COR-VALV system, which is very versatile platform for aortic and mitral valve surgery.  You simply buy the valve surgery attachments and you can use the same retractor and clamping system to perform aortic or mitral valve surgery.  Furthermore, the clamping system can be combined with the CORONEO's intercostal rib spreader and endoscopic atrial retractor to perform minimally invasive mitral valve surgery.

A unique feature of the COR-VASC clamping system is that is allows virtually any positioning and orientation of the stabilizers within the surgical field.

Conveniently located slots in the top portion of the retractor permit the placement of traction sutures without impeding the movement of the clamping components for the stabilizer.