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Swift Loop Robotic ApplicationCORONEO has available a pledgeted vessel loop designed specifically for robotically assisted surgical applications.  The 19 ga. silicone elastomer loop with 18 ga. blunt needle is packaged with a premounted elastomeric pledget.


The vessel loop is provided as a shortened version measuring only 7.5 cm in length in order to facilitate its insertion into the surgical site and its manipulation in a confined space.  Read more to view a video of the Swift Loop in action in a robotically assisted surgical application

The video below was filmed courtesy of Intuitive Surgical and shows the CORONEO Swift Loop being used to temporarily occlude a blood vessel in a robot assisted beating heart coronary artery bypass operation.



Order part number 1011058 from your CORONEO distributor or order directly from CORONEO by calling 1-514-336-9230.